Stephen’s successful apprenticeship journey

In anticipation of National Apprenticeship Week, we spoke to people who have completed an apprenticeship and have a connection with Voyage Care.

Stephen Holmes, now a senior support worker for us at Bracken Villa, discussed how he had completed his level three diploma in Lead Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship.

He said: “I always had intentions of completing further qualifications for personal development and to gain knowledge and experience for career progression…so I jumped at the chance to complete it.”

Stephen spoke about his experiences at Voyage Care during his apprenticeship. He encouraged others to take part, saying: “If you are looking to gain experience and knowledge to help you to progress within Voyage Care, then do take these opportunities to complete qualifications.”

“A great part of the course is that you can balance your studies with work so you don’t have to focus just on one.” Stephen went on to say that “the course will fit in around your working hours and the assessors are available to offer support and guidance when it is needed.”

A further question we asked was how he felt the apprenticeship programme went. He told us that it went very well, adding: “I found the qualification to be refreshing in the sense that it has added to my knowledge and experience, as well as allowing me to develop other areas I felt I needed to improve.”

As Stephen has shown, an apprenticeship can enhance your career in care. Stephen is now thriving in his role at Voyage Care on a permanent basis for over two years and it’s great to see he has gotten so much out of the qualifications he has gained.

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