Staff supporting each other: Tweed Lodge’s “Good Wullie Donation Box”

During the current situation, getting your hands on a bag of flour or some hand sanitiser has been difficult! Steph, a staff member at our residential care home, Tweed Lodge, was struggling with that very problem and the “Goodwill Box” idea was born!

Service manager, Alouise, told us, “The idea for the donation box was to help support staff during the pandemic. Staff donate non-perishable food, toiletries, cleaning products, books, puzzles and DVDs. They can look in the box and take what they need.”

The people we support enjoyed getting involved with the project and decorated the box. They’ve even given it a name, the “Tweed Lodge Good Wullie Donation Box”.

The box is set up next to the staff lockers, which allows staff to donate or take from the box easily when they’re arriving or leaving the service. Having the box has helped staff with their lunches as well, “If staff don’t have anything for lunch and don’t want to visit the shops, they can take something from box.” Alouise explained. This has resulted in staff and the people we support feeling safer at work, because trips to the shops have been significantly reduced.

Tweed Lodge's goodwill box filled with food and other helpful items for staff
Tweed Lodge’s goodwill box filled with food and other helpful items for staff

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