What is Prader-Willi Syndrome?

This is a genetic defect on chromosome number 15 which happens purely by chance. It is a condition that causes a wide range of problems such as the learning difficulties, constant desire to eat food, restricted growth, reduced muscle tone and behavioural problems. This is a rare condition affected one in every 15,000 children born in England. Prader-Willi syndrome can normally be diagnosed by carrying out genetic tests to check the chromosome in a sample of blood.

Some of the symptoms of Prader-Willi syndrome may include: 

  • Hypotonia – floppiness and weak muscles which is noticeable shortly after birth
  • Feeding problems and the failure to grow in the first year
  • Obesity – caused by excessive appetite or overeating
  • Hypogonadism – underdevelopment of the sexual organs and other sexual characteristics
  • Delayed physical developments and learning difficulties

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