Q&A with an Ops Manager!

As part of Employee Appreciation Day, we sat down with Operations Manager, Tracy Hammond-Morrall to talk about why she loves her job and how she knows she is appreciated.

Hi Tracy, thanks for talking to us today! Let’s dive right in, we know you have worked for Voyage Care for an amazing 14 years – what do you love most about your job?

I love my job most when I get to spend time with the people we support and the teams who support them. I am fortunate to have seen people progress from moving out of a hospital setting, into a residential service and then step down to living in a supported living scheme.

I also enjoy seeing the small steps which people take, that make such a big difference to their lives. For instance, supporting someone to make a hot drink, prepare a meal or use a new way of communicating so that we can better support them.

I enjoy leading teams, coaching & mentoring and then seeing managers and teams develop with my support – I’m a people’s person!

Can you tell us a time when you and your team felt appreciated? 

My team won awards at the Voyage Excellence Awards in 2018. We attended a lovely lunch with our managing director. Then, we were fortunate enough to attend the awards at The Belfry in October.

Everyone had a great time and we all felt that all of our hard work had been recognised and appreciated.

My manager also thanks me when I have completed a task or provided an opinion. And there are a number of great people in group support who always pick up the phone rather than send an email – the personal touch goes a long way.

How do you show appreciation to your team?

I say thank you. I let them know when things are going right, not just when they’re going wrong. I try to spend time with my team. I listen to them and helping them to find solutions.

They also like cake!

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