How Tonia shows her peers they’re appreciated

Tonia Marston, one of our operations managers has been in the healthcare sector for 35 years and has been part of the Voyage Care team for the past three years.

“It’s hard to believe that care is all I have ever really done. Coming to Voyage Care was the best move I have ever made,” said Tonia.

“I’m extremely proud to work for Voyage Care – I regularly show off our results around CQC outcomes and developments. It’s a great feeling to be part of that success.”

The appreciation that Tonia receives from her peers, helps her and her team achieve the above and a lot more!

“Appreciation goes a long way – it is one of the many factors that keeps me motivated and focused in my job. 

I have regular meetings with my managing director and a formal appraisal where we discuss development and opportunities in a sincere manner. My managing director makes things happen!” added Tonia.

And it doesn’t just work one way, the operations manager ensures she shows her appreciation to her team by being responsive and understanding, both in their work life and personal life.

 “I show I appreciate them by being there for them. I listen to them when they want to get something off their chest and respect and recall when they’ve ever gone that extra mile.

I acknowledge their success in my team meetings and make sure this is shared with the rest of the team. I also attend as many of their ‘special event’ days as possible, even at the weekends, to show my appreciation of their planned activities. I am available for them as much as possible and respect their down time,” explained Tonia.

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