Learning new skills in lockdown

Our staff have been supporting the residents at Coombe Road in Croydon to learn and develop new skills during their time in lockdown. All the activities they’ve been doing are person-centred and tailored to what each person enjoys doing.

Using technology to learn and communicate

Lisa usually has weekly visits from her boyfriend and mum. Since Government restrictions prevent her from having those visits, she has learned about other platforms of communication and ways to stay in touch. Lisa has been calling, writing letters and drawing pictures to send to her mum, as well as having video calls with her boyfriend. She was thrilled to discover new ways to connect! Technology is very important today, and Lisa has learned a lot about how she can use it to keep in touch with loved ones.

Technology is also very important to another person we support there, who has been using his tablet to learn new skills. He is using apps that allow him to press on pictures that tell him aloud what they are. The people we support have also been busy in the sensory room, using Alexa to read stories to them.

Adapting routines

Before the lockdown, Beverley and Lisa’s routines involved trips to ASDA with staff, choosing items for their meals. It was important that during lockdown they were still involved in their meals. Now, they help clean and put away the shopping. They are able to locate the correct places to put away the food, as well as learning about all the different foods, their expiration dates and the rotation of food.

Getting creative

Beverley has been developing her concentration skills by painting shapes on the garden fence. Staff are appreciating a helping hand from another resident, who is taking part in daily chores around the house. She really enjoys vacuuming her bedroom and the communal lounge. She’s also being supported by staff to do basic cooking. She can now retrieve things from the right cupboards and follow simple instructions and guides from staff.

Steps to independence

Learning these new skills are great steps toward independence. We spoke to Service Manager, Premnath, about the challenges they’ve faced so far and how they’ve overcome them.

“The biggest challenge for all of the people we support was coming to terms with changes in their routines and daily lives. Some didn’t understand why their lives had changed, which caused some stress and anxiety.

“It was crucial that staff take the time, patience and respect to best support those people in understanding. We didn’t want the people we support to feel like they were being punished, instead we wanted them to understand how the virus was affecting people.

“All the staff are keeping positive, and the residents are coping very well now, as they are getting used to their new routines and activities we have planned”

We’re keeping you safe at Voyage Care

Please note: This article is about events that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic and reflects the safety measures based on government advice during that specific time period. Please be assured that at all times, Voyage Care follows the appropriate COVID-19 safety measures to keep our staff and the people we support safe. To find out more about our COVID-19 safety precautions, please visit our COVID-19 resource area.

To find out more about we can help support you or your loved one to learn new skills and take those next steps towards independence, speak to our friendly enquiry line team by calling them on 0800 035 3776 or emailing referrals@voyagecare.com.

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