Meet the new COVID-characters created in our services!

Operations Manager, Michelle set her services a special COVID-19 challenge! Here’s what they got up to and who won!

The challenge: create a COVID-C character

Michelle set the challenge to create a character in their service! But that wasn’t all, they had to meet the below criteria too:

  • Have a name beginning with “C” (Covid Charles, Covid Ciara, Covid Carlos, Covid Catherine etc.)
  • Be made out of household items – the more creative the better, the bigger the better!
  • Your Covid-C character must have a role in the service (does s/he listen to your worries, does s/he keep you safe?)
  • Your Covid C character must have an introduction/ back story to who they are as a character, why they do the role you have chosen, what they like, don’t like, strengths, weaknesses, DBS status.
  • Have pictures of the people you support and staff getting involved and making the character – throughout the whole process!  No pictures = disqualification.

Choosing a winner

It was time for everyone to get creative and they certainly did! Michelle then had the hard choice of choosing a winner out of 10 fantastic entries.

“Each and every one of the characters brought something special and unique to each service.  The photographs were fantastic and it was great to see the people we support involved in the creations.  Some of the profiles/ backstories were hilarious and made me laugh out loud: just the tonic needed at this time,” says Michelle.

Finding the choice too hard, the judging was passed to another Operations Manager instead. So who were the winners?

In third place…

Meet COVID-Cat in the hat from Southview! The estranged identical brother of Cat in the Hat!

He came from a world far away where there isn’t a pandemic, to reassure everyone that things will be ok in time and we will be able to go out again. He has a large head as he has a lot of knowledge about how to keep everyone calm and safe.

His role is to keep COVID-19 away and make sure that everyone is safe and washes their hands properly using his washing hands song!

The runner up…

Meet COVID-Caterpillar! He lives at Mimosa Lodge and was made by four of the ladies who live there.

The ladies used items from the skip to make their caterpillar! He’s always bringing a smile to everyone’s face – each leg represents something different he does for the residents. Whether they are feeling sad or happy, they can go to COVID-Caterpillar and he will help.

He is currently guarding the garden and can always been seen smiling at everyone from the lounge window!

He kept everyone busy in the sunshine.

And the winner is…

Countess Clover of Cloverdale!

Very regal, the countess only eats fine cuisine and changes her outfit (and heads) regularly to suit her mood.

She likes to keep fit and enjoys working out with all her personal trainers who live at Cloverdale.

She enjoys scaring the night staff at Cloverdale and making everyone laugh with her sense of humour!

Well done to everyone who entered the competition –the South region is full of creativity…. even in lockdown!!

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