Many hands make light work

There is a darkness blanketing the world. Mankind is being humbled by something that turns the collective daily activities on its head. For most, the challenges mount up and fear rules.

But at a medium sized garden somewhere in North West London, Kinch Grove proves that it is in the darkness a flicker of light will burn at its brightest. They say that when the sky gives us sun, we can make our own fun. With spring comes flowers and with flowers colour, life and hope!

Kinch Grove is one of our supported living services located in London providing support to those with moderate/severe learning disabilities, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

Recently, our team of superhero staff and the incredible tenants at Kinch Grove have been working feverishly to return colour and life to their beloved garden. With lots of beautiful plants potted and even an oasis created, hope and happiness have been restored.

Fred Karlson, Registered Branch Manager said “The people we support have spent their entire lives navigating a world full of obstacles and difficulties. Then COVID-19 comes along and makes it even more challenging. But thankfully, we have an amazing staff team that when given lemons, made lemonade and then had a refreshing drink while they, together with the people we support, created a marvellous garden to enjoy all summer. I am very proud of my team!”

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