“I know my daughter’s in good hands…”

As a mother, knowing your daughter is safe is paramount. For one particular parent of a person we support at Red House, it matters now more than ever.

Anne-Marie works as an NHS frontline worker and wanted to make sure she could speak to her daughter before she entered her new role supporting people with COVID-19.

With restrictions in place, Anne-Marie sent a heartfelt letter to staff at her daughter’s home to see if she could pay a visit to her from a distance.

In the letter, Anne-Marie expressed her gratitude to staff for the care and support she had already seen in lockdown.

“Staff have gone above and beyond to bring the outside world in for the residents at Red House. I go into the front line next week in the knowledge they will keep my daughter safe” said Anne-Marie.

Staff quickly arranged for mother and daughter to see each other in the garden, whilst remaining safe and social distant.

After the meeting, staff received another message from Anne-Marie:

The team have already started planning for when family can come round and this is all over. In the words of one of the residents “I think we’ll need a bloody good party!”

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