Helping Tammy achieve her goals

Déjà Vu is a residential care home in Hampshire that specialises in providing support for people with moderate to severe learning disabilities, as well as those with complex behaviours and communication needs.

Tamsin, known to her friends as Tammy, joined us at Déjà Vu in 1996. Tammy has a learning disability and Down’s syndrome. Despite needing support with everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and showering, she still loves to be independent.  Tammy tells us all the things she likes to be done in specific ways and our staff happily work with her to ensure we are meeting her needs in the most effective and comfortable way.

Living at Déjà Vu

Over time, it has been incredible to watch Tammy develop and grow. Previously there have been occasions where Tammy didn’t enjoy leaving the house. Even though she loved to socialise, she lacked the confidence and social skills. The only time Tammy would leave the house would be to go to a nearby shop to buy a drink and magazine. As a team, Déjà Vu staff were determined to support Tammy overcome this hesitance to visit new places, which meant finding out why she didn’t like leaving the house. Our staff used a one-to-one approach to build trust and slowly encouraged Tammy to join them on various outings. Tammy responded well and began taking our staff up on their offers, growing her confidence and independence!

As Tammy’s self-confidence grew, we began to encouraged Tammy to go out with two other people in the house that she enjoyed spending time with. This was a real success and she was asking to go out most days. She now loves going for picnics and long walks!

Achieving goals

Tammy’s next big goal is to take part in regular external activities as well as doing a bit of personal shopping. Despite being in lockdown, Tammy hasn’t been disheartened. Staff find that simply engaging in conversation with Tammy about all the fun activities ahead and discussing what she can take part in next is enough to get her interested and excited.

Alex Villanueva, Team Leader at Déjà Vu says, “I am really proud of Tamsin and how she has overcome her anxieties over the past couple of years, with the right support she has grown in confidence and now enjoys regular trips out, well done Tammy.”

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