David’s dedication to design!

Meet David! David has a mild learning disability. He is a resident at The Granary, our residential service in East Riding of Yorkshire. David has been keeping super busy during lockdown, and doing what he enjoys most, arts and crafts!

David is 45 years old, one of the youngest male residents at The Granary. He’s independent and requires minimal support from his support team. Staff support him with things like finances, personal care and medication. Staff at the Granary support people to be as independent as possible. This is also known as active support and is a big part of the home’s ethos.

David discovered his passion for art in his teens at school. He continued to work on his techniques ever since. Whilst living at The Granary, staff have continued to support David to pursue his passion. The team always ensure David has the materials he needs to create his next masterpiece. They even offer critique whenever he asks. Staff understand how important art is to David and encourage him by always praising his work. By discussing the technique, styles and materials he used, David feels supported.

David’s art is incredible and is currently displayed with pride around the service. You can find it in the dedicated art room, his bedroom and even in the staff admin office!

Our team support David to do what he loves. He currently takes his drawing board to a quiet area in the service and works on his art every single day. The Granary also hold in-house art classes. This encourages other people we support to get involved and share David’s passion for art. Around half the people we support attend these sessions on a regular basis. All the masterpieces created are hung on the walls around the service.

David recently hosted his very own art exhibition at the service. He showed off all his beautiful paintings and his amazing talent. He’s put in so much effort into creating these canvas paintings, the staff team were eager to show them off. David dressed to impress and presented his work to our staff and people we support. The people we support spent a few hours, viewing and discussing David’s art with a cold glass of coca cola in hand.

David said “I enjoy doing my art as it makes me feel happy, calm and achieved. I plan on doing my art work and creating new pieces until I am an old man!”.

The Granary is looking for a new housemate!

The Granary, Driffield, currently has a vacancy. The service is extremely warm and welcoming and has been designed to the highest standard. There are excellent facilities that will help support individuals who are looking to increase their independence in a residential setting. You can find out more about The Granary here!

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