We have four key stages to ensure a successful transition. Our priority is supporting you to transition from your existing provider with ease. We ensure continuity of service and minimise disruption for you by:

  • Working in partnership with your outgoing provider to transfer and develop your existing support plans
  • Committing to open and timely communication with you and your families during the transition process 
  • Establishing positive relationships with key stakeholders and healthcare professionals to devise personalised support plans

Stage 1 – Introductions

The transition process starts with an initial assessment, where we begin to understand your motivations, needs, concerns, hopes, dreams and what you want to achieve.

Our key aim here is to get to know you, who the important people are in your life, and build a greater understanding of your history, routine and current support. This involves meeting you, your family, your existing carers and any linked professionals.

To aid this process we have created a Welcome Book, available in easy read format, which introduces Voyage Care and outlines what you can expect during this process.

Stage 2 – Developing the transition plan

We arrange a transition planning meeting with you and your support network to co-design a robust and detailed transition action plan. The plan will map out the steps required from all parties to produce a smooth transition into your new home and is tailored to suit your needs.

This will piece together all the practical tasks of customising your room, your move-in date and how you will move in. It will also include arranging visits to your new home to meet potential housemates and staff members. 

All outcomes from transition visits are monitored by filling in a ‘Transition Feedback Recording Form’ this evidence gathering provides a great opportunity to iron out any issues and build on positives prior to you moving in.

Stage 3 – Implementing the transition plan

A transition can be taken at a pace to suit your personal needs, whether completed in a few weeks or a few months. Once your move has taken place, our transition planning process continues and we offer a ‘settling in’ approach that extends into the first 3-6-months of support.

Prior to you moving into your new home, we can help you with:

  • Selecting and buying furniture/décor/equipment
  • Arranging bills/utilities/household accounts
  • Meeting other tenants to establish friendships
  • Submitting benefit applications if applicable
  • Registering with primary health services, including GP, dentist and optician
  • Active involvement in staff recruitment and training.

Our transition processes allow staff to build an understanding and relationships with the individuals. This includes a mixture of:

  • Visits to your current home or college to continuing building positive relationships and observe positive support practice that works for you
  • Shadowing current staff or carers and working with your family to really understand your needs and background
  • Working with professionals to develop support strategies for you
  • Providing you with support in the community and co-ordinating visits (possibly including an overnight) at the new setting.

Stage 4 – Reviewing the transition plan

We will hold regular review meetings with you and everyone involved in your care and support. During these review meetings we discuss how the transition plan is progressing and identify what is working well and what requires more work.

Our transition plans are designed so that support reduces over a period of time as you become more confident and independent in your new accommodation.

Find out where we can support you

  • Residential care home

  • Brain injury service

  • Specialist service

  • Community support

  • Children's service

  • Group of services

If you need further advice, call our friendly enquiry line on 0800 035 3776 or email referrals@voyagecare.com
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