Our proactive and person-centred approach to support ensures that your transitions, at whatever stage of life, are positive and smooth.

We work in partnership with both children and adult teams to create clear pathways for people in transition. As a provider, we give you control of the processes and inform at every stage, whether you're considering options around housing, social activities, education or careers.

We work with a range of partners during the planning and provision of transition services, spending time with others within your circle of support to develop positive relationships.

We understand and work hard to anticipate and sensitively manage the many complex concerns and emotions relating to transition, including:

  • Changes in funding
  • Retaining existing friendships and relationships
  • Change in service provider
  • Change in location, setting or routine
  • Being more independent
  • Feeling safe and secure in your new home

In response, we are set up to provide a range of transitional support to people and their families including:

  • Signposting to and navigating through information
  • Assistance in evaluating available options
  • Providing a nominated contact to co-ordinate the transition process
  • Undertaking a holistic assessment, understanding both aspiration and need
  • Co-designing person-centred support and transition plans
  • Matching support teams personality and skills to each individual
  • Involving family and circles of support
  • Help to understand their rights
  • Providing support in all locations; including home, college, place of work, or in their local community.

We are experienced in supporting people who have complex needs and whose behaviour may be described as challenging.  Many of the people we support have, in the past, been in placements which have failed; they are now living successfully in their new home or receiving community support.

Our teams’ experience, as well as feedback from individuals and their families, tells us that consistency, reliability and open communication were the key success factors to their transition and in response we have developed a robust and clear approach to respond to future transition need.

  • Residential care home

  • Brain injury service

  • Specialist service

  • Community support

  • Children's service

If you need further advice, call our friendly enquiry line on 0800 035 3776 or email referrals@voyagecare.com
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