Services working together show amazing teamwork

We talk a lot about how important it is to recognise our colleagues but an aspect that is often overlooked is how different services work together and appreciate each other.

Let’s take a minute to shine a light on how services support each other, share best practice and extend their community beyond their individual location.

A great example of this is Esmer House and Redbank House. Towards the end of 2019, Esmer House opened its doors as a Prader-Willi syndrome specialist residential care home. Redbank House, who are located nearby and share the same specialism, helped get Esmer House up and running. The experienced staff team from Redbank House helped train the new team for Esmer House, shared vital best practice and built a great support network.

Tonia Marston, Esmer House’s Operations Manger at the time, said: “When we did the training, the manager at Redbank House came over and invited one of the people who lived there to deliver some training to us, which was great. He was able to explain to us how fortunate he is to be living at Redbank House.”

It’s fantastic to see the staff at our care homes stepping in to help each other like this and for people we support to discuss their specialist needs. What great teamwork!

Tonia also went on to discuss the Growing Together event that took place in Nottingham. The event focused on Prader-Willi syndrome and involved many services, allowing people we support to interact with one another in a fun setting.

Tonia told us that they were “a little concerned about the party food but the guys who came from Redbank House service were already aware of those conditions and restrictions – they knew before they came what food they would be bringing with them…we had no issues at all.”

Food is a key consideration for people with Prader-Willi syndrome, of course. So, it’s reassuring to see specialist services setting such good examples for newly established services.

Well done to Esmer House and Redbank House for working so well together!

Tonia added: “One of the things at Redbank House, which is great to see, is the life there, the fun times and the work that they do is all built around the dining table – when you walk into Redbank House, it’s the heart of everything.”

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