Higham Way

Supporting you

The home provides supported living and has great access to public transport with ground floor bedrooms available.


Higham way is the perfect location for shopping lovers! It is a 5 minute drive from Hinckley Town centre, a gym, swimming pool and supermarkets. A local college is nearby and in an adequate location. In the city centre, for easy access Higham Way is also close to a park for a lovely walk, especially in the summer time!


Higham Way is a quiet street which has the feel of it being very peaceful. Higham Way is a bungalow with a lounge and Dining area, one bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a lovely homely garden with a stunning garden set, perfect for sitting in the sun!

The team

Staff at Higham Way are welcoming and are there to improve the life of the individual. Activities are encouraged as are holidays and day trips. Individuals are encouraged to decorate and furnish there bedrooms as they wish.

The staff who help run Higham way and support the individuals are proud and full of pride in their jobs, and like to help the individuals in their independence and day to day life.

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