High Road

High Road meets the needs of six residents who have learning disabilities and physical needs and challenging behaviour.

Supporting you

Communication is given great importance as we believe this is essential in providing the highest quality of care. It is acknowledged that each individual's communication methods may vary both in type and depth of understanding.

The team

Our staff with each resident to identify the most appropriate means of communication. A variety of methods are then introduced. Communication boards using symbols are utilised to aid individuals’ understanding of what they can expect to happen each day.

There is also a photo board showing which staff are going to be working each shift so that people know which staff are available to them.


Our home is a large detached property and is situated in the quiet rural village of Gorefield.

We are located near to the town of Wisbech, which offers many amenities including a theatre, swimming pool and many shops.

Each resident accesses a range of facilities according to individual preferences; these include bowling, swimming, a hot tub, a gym, bingo, a sensory environment, a theatre, a college and a public house.

They are also encouraged to participate in the running of the service according to their wishes, including grocery shopping, gardening, household tasks and interviewing prospective staff. In order to facilitate this variety of activities, we have two vehicles, one of which is adapted to transport wheelchair users. 


Each resident has their own bedroom allowing for time alone and privacy whenever it is needed or desired.

All bedrooms have ensuite facilities, one of which meets full wheelchair user specification, including a wet room.

The communal areas include a lounge, dining room, kitchen and a large welcoming reception area.

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