Coleman Street

At Coleman Street we support eight residents with learning disabilities to have new experiences which will improve their quality of life. This could be taking part in a new hobby or activity, or learning a new skill.

Supporting you

We enable everyone to take part in producing their support plan and become involved in the day to day running of the home, including choosing the décor of their bedroom, menu planning, gardening, cooking and recruitment.

This is achieved through regular house meetings, the key worker system and contributions to staff meetings and allows each person to have optimum control over their own life. The home has been designed to provide a welcoming environment, while also enabling everyone to develop their skills, with staff support.


The service is on the outskirts of Wolverhampton in the Whitmore Reams area, which has shops, a library, a health centre, pubs, cafes and other facilities. The city centre is easy to reach by public transport and we also have our own minibus.


This detached house with eight bedrooms that can be personalised for individual taste with  large and bright communal areas that are finished to a high standard. We also have ample parking and are surrounded by gardens including a patio area.

The team

We have a dedicated, flexible staff team who support all of our residents to lead active, fulfilling lives, maintaining their independence, choice and dignity at all times.

Although professionalism is always maintained, staff build close, trusting relationships with the people they support and the warm environment has been commented on by many visitors to the home.Staff are keen to improve their knowledge through specialist training, when needed, and are always sensitive to each person’s needs.

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