Sadlers’ pony pals

In the Summer 2019 edition of Zest magazine, we featured a page on ‘Furry Friends’, where some of our services shared their favourite pet therapy stories. It has been quite a hit. It turns out that many of our services are visited regularly by some four-legged friends.

Fun at Sadlers Place

So, when the people we support at Sadlers Place were asked if they’d like two therapy ponies to visit, the team were met with a resounding ‘YES!’.

This was something new for everyone at Sadlers Place. The ponies certainly did not disappoint. They trotted in one late morning and the people we support were excited and intrigued. Everybody couldn’t wait to spend time with the ponies.

So, they were a big hit, especially Lollipop, who was both a curious and playful thing. Everybody got to feed the ponies carrots. They even posed for some pictures alongside them!

“The ponies were brilliant and the people we support loved having them in their home. Once the ponies left, we asked everyone about what they thought, needless to say they can’t wait to have them back.” said Charlotte, Deputy Home Manager of Sadler’s Place.

Sam* said “I loved them I did, weren’t they lovely? They were so special. I wished we could have them here every day.”

Steve*, who has limited vision found it very therapeutic to touch the ponies and as you can see they weren’t shy. He appeared to really enjoy their visit and was smiling throughout.

Mitch* laughed from start to finish during his time with the ponies. He particularly found it funny that one of the ponies was called Lollipop and days after the visit was still amused by this. He said he too, would like to have them visit again.

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*Some of the details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

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