A new recruit for our Stoke supported living services!

Our CEO, Andrew Cannon is preparing for his annual week in service as a support worker. This year he heads to our supported living properties in Stoke on Trent. Service Manager, Mark discusses how he’ll welcome his new recruit next week, and how his team usually welcomes new starters!

1. Preparing the people we support, for the change

We pride ourselves in ensuring that the people we support are aware of everything that’s going on in the service – this includes when we’re recruiting and our recruitment process.

They’re informed of our recruitment updates at our monthly tenants meetings and through our service newsletter. If the people we support are both able and willing to, we also encourage them to sit in on the interviews and to ask the candidate relevant questions.

It’s also hugely important for both the people we support and the new candidate, that for the first two weeks the new candidate is ‘buddied’ up with an experienced team member – so we know they’re being supported. This also provides the new starter and existing staff a chance to build good relationships as well reassurance for the person they’re supporting.

Gradually over time, once the new candidates have got to know the residents a little more, they’re chance to provide support independently, increases.

Maintaining contact with new starters from the moment they’re offered the job until their first day in post is a must for us! Shifts are also agreed for the first two weeks induction.

2. Briefing new starters and managing expectations

All of our new starters will have a comprehensive induction where they’ll be informed of the Voyage Care ETHOS and our expectations. They’ll also become knowledgeable of the company’s policy and procedures, health and safety, staff benefits and work systems.

We want to make sure that every team member is performing at their best and is being supported where needed, therefore regular supervision and probationary reviews are undertaken.

3. The one page profile – what is it and why is it important?

The one page profile is a document that both the people we support and staff complete when they first join Voyage Care. The profile helps managers and colleagues to understand how they can support new staff on induction and thereafter.

I also feel that they’re a useful icebreaker! It provides staff and the people we support an opportunity to share their interests which increases engagement.

In return of completing the one page profile, staff will hopefully feel more comfortable to speak openly with other team members.

Our new recruit, Andrew Cannon

We’re really looking forward to welcoming Andrew into our service! The whole team is focused on ensuring this is a positive experience for both us and Andrew. We hope the visit has some positive outcomes for everyone concerned.

We want Andrew to get involved as much as he can during his week and we’re excited to support him through his support worker journey.

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