You can improve Miriam's wellbeing

Miriam has complex care needs and a physical disability. She finds change difficult and when she first joined us, she was shy and reserved.

Her support team got to know her and took things at Miriam’s pace. They looked for ways to reduce her anxiety and found head massages work. This became part of her routine and as her anxiety began to pass, they learnt more about the hobbies she enjoys.

And then they started talking about cooking…

It turns out Miriam has a passion for cooking. Her support workers helped her build her confidence to become a trainee chef at one of our resource centres. Miriam now regularly prepares meals for up to 50 people!

Be part of the journey…because you care

As a support worker you get to be a part of an incredible journey, helping vulnerable people achieve their goals. Because people like you care, the most vulnerable people in society, like Miriam, are supported to find their passion in life and learn new skills.

You can improve Miriam's wellbeing

What is being a support worker like?

As a support worker, every day is different and every day you have the chance to make a difference!

So what will you be doing? Well, one day you could be supporting someone with their cooking and cleaning and the next, you could be planning fun activities at home and in the community (in line with Government guidance). It is a varied and rewarding job.

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