You can lift Megan's spirits during isolation

Megan is autistic and can present with challenging behaviour. When she first moved in, she spent a lot of time hiding in her room, only joining the rest of the household at meal times.

Her support workers were patient and understanding of how Megan was feeling. They slowly got her involved in activities in the house and community.

As for all of us, lockdown presented a new challenge! But her support workers rose to it and have been introducing new fun and creative activities that Megan and her housemates enjoy, including being active in the garden with the chickens!

Because of people like you who truly care about others, Megan’s spirits are soaring high despite the challenges of lockdown.

Be part of the journey…because you care

As a support worker you get to be a part of an incredible journey, helping vulnerable people achieve their goals. Because people like you care, the most vulnerable people in society, like Megan, are supported to cope with all sorts of challenges. Just like our friends at the NHS, we can’t stop and we won’t stop caring for these amazing people.

You can lift Megan's spirits during isolation

What is being a support worker like?

As a support worker, every day is different and every day you have the chance to make a difference!

So what will you be doing? Well, one day you could be supporting someone with their cooking and cleaning and the next, you could be planning fun activities at home and in the community (in line with Government guidance). It is a varied and rewarding job.

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