You can keep Jason fighting

Jason had a car accident, which resulted in a brain injury. Before the accident he loved Karate and had achieved two Senior Dan black belts!

During the early phases of Jason’s recovery it was hard for him to not be able to practice his Karate. He pretty much gave up on the idea of relearning that skill.


His support workers recognised the passion that secretly lived in him for his Karate and were determined to help him keep fighting!

Because of people like you who truly care about others, Jason was supported to fight to achieve his goals. He worked hard, rebuilt his confidence and earned his 3rd Senior Dan black belt!

Be part of the journey…because you care

As a support worker you get to be a part of an incredible journey, helping vulnerable people achieve their goals. Because people like you care, the most vulnerable people in society, like Jason, are supported to fight for their best lives!

You can keep Jason fighting

What is being a support worker like?

As a support worker, every day is different and every day you have the chance to make a difference!

So what will you be doing? Well, one day you could be supporting someone with their cooking and cleaning and the next, you could be planning fun activities at home and in the community (in line with Government guidance). It is a varied and rewarding job.

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