You can make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people to help them live fulfilling lives. People with learning disabilities, complex needs, autism or brain injuries need your support to live their best lives!

Because people like you care, the people we support are on their journey to independence. By offering them choice in their support plans, we work with them to achieve their goals and potential.

Because people like you care, the people we support learn new skills, are more confident and can fulfil their passion.

Support work is such a rewarding job! You can go home feeling super proud of your day, knowing you have made a difference to the lives of others!

Be part of the journey…because you care

As a support worker you get to be a part of an incredible journey, helping vulnerable people achieve their goals. Because people like you care, the most vulnerable people in society are supported to find their passion in life and learn new skills.

What is being a support worker like?

As a support worker, you can make a difference, learn new skills and have a job you’re proud of!

So, what will you be doing? Well, one day you could be supporting someone with their cooking and cleaning and the next, you could be planning fun activities at home and in the community (in line with Government guidance). It is a varied and rewarding job.

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