Voyage Care are proud to be an integral part of the UK health and social care system, working in partnership with commissioners and health and social care professionals to support thousands of people to live more independently and achieve their life goals. This sense of purpose and accountability is what drives us to mirror the requirements on NHS providers to produce an annual Quality Account.

We are pleased to be sharing our second Quality Account, which covers the year to 31 March 2019. These annual reports provide an opportunity for us to demonstrate the progress we have made as well as promoting greater openness and transparency with our stakeholders.

The Quality Account reflects on what our staff and people we support have achieved in the last year and how we’ve grown as a company, including: our continued sector leading compliance ratings, the growth of our Quality Checker team and the ongoing development of our innovative Quality Questionnaire.  It also sets out our priorities for the coming year.

We are incredibly proud of all that we have achieved to date in ensuring the people we support live meaningful and fulfilling lives, but there is no complacency. We are completely committed to an ongoing programme of improvement and are excited and ambitious for the coming year.

Read our Quality Account for more details about our successes, learnings and priorities.

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