How we deliver person-centred care – Voyage Care Podcast season one round-up

For season one of our brand-new Voyage Care Podcast, we focused on the theme of person-centred care. The episodes in this season show how person-centred care is embedded into everything we do. Each one of our speakers shared their knowledge of how person-centred care works in their areas, as well as some interesting stories and key learnings. All the episodes are now live and linked below for you to listen to!

Episode one: Jen and Christina – Person-centred care – 21:43

For episode one, we heard from Jen and Christina, our Transition Managers in the South-West. They discussed what person-centred care means to them, and shared some of their favourite person-centred care stories.

Episode two: Raj and Stacey – Person-centred care and autism – 24:21

For episode two, we heard from Raj, our Specialism Implementer, and Stacey, Service Manager at Redcliffe House. Redcliffe House is one of our NAS accredited, residential care homes that specialises in autism. They discussed the importance of understanding and accepting autism, all while delivering exceptional person-centred care.

Episode three: Kelly and Dave – Specialist behavioural support and person-centred care – 17:30

In episode three, we spoke to Kelly, our SBSS Business Development Manager, and Dave, Head of Behavioural Support. Kelly and Dave recorded this episode in the context of the Winterbourne View anniversary. This year is the 10th anniversary of the BBC Panorama documentary that exposed abuse of people with learning disabilities and autism. The documentary prompted a Government investigation, which led to the creation of the Transforming Care for People with Learning Disabilities agenda.

Kelly and Dave discussed the importance of Voyage Care’s Specialist Behavioural Support Services  specialism in supporting this agenda. They shared some interesting stories and important learnings surrounding person-centred care.

Episode four: Yvonne, Valaine and Hannah – Person-centred care in Children’s Complex Care – 21:05

In this episode, we caught up with Yvonne, Clinical Lead, Hannah, Nurse Manager, and Valaine, Nurse Educator at Children’s Complex Care. They explained how the Children’s Complex Care team provide person-centred care to the young people and children they support.

Episode five: Ian, Anthea, Zoe and Chloe – Person-centred care in training and recruitment – 21:08

In this episode, we heard from Ian, Senior Care Trainer, and Anthea, Service Manager at Woodlands, one of our brain injury rehabilitation care homes in Middlesbrough. We also heard from Chloe and Zoe, Support Workers at Woodlands. They explored how person-centred care is important when recruiting and training staff.

Episode six: Anushree, Olivia and Tracey – Person-centred care in our residential care homes – 20:09

In this episode, we caught up with Olivia England, Service Manager, Tracey Hurt, Deputy Manager, and Anushree Mehta, On-site Behavioural Therapist. They all work at Ruddington View, one of our residential care homes in Nottinghamshire. They spoke to us about what person-centred care means to them in a residential care home setting, and why it’s so important for each and every person we support.

Episode seven: Georgina and Jen – Person-centred care in our supported living properties – 18:43

In this episode, we spoke to Georgina Cooper, Branch Manager of Norfolk DCA and Jen Cross, Field Care Manager. They shared how the person-centred care approach works in our supported living properties, and they’ve even thrown in a story about the legendary pop star Cher.

Stay tuned for season two

We are currently working on season two of our Voyage Care Podcast, which will be all about quality! The season will begin airing in autumn, so stay tuned for more news and teasers soon!

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