National Careers Week: Trevor Jackson

For National Careers Week we spoke to Trevor Jackson about his career with Voyage Care.

The first time Trevor heard about Voyage Care was when we hired a local church for an event and he spoke to our friendly staff to see what they did. Our staff saw that Trevor shared the same passion and values as us and encouraged him to apply.

He did and the next chapter of his career began…

Reflecting upon his first day, he said: “The first day was scary as I didn’t know how to interact with people. For the first two weeks of my induction I mainly took direction from my manager. At the end of my six-month probation I built confidence to interact with other staff and learned to be more proactive in my role.”

So, what exactly is Trevor’s role?

Trevor supports non-verbal autistic people. He had never worked in this environment before, so we asked him how the communication training went. He revealed that “It was a sharp learning curve for me. I watched experienced staff to see how they interact with them and read their care plans to understand how they communicate.”

After two years as a support worker Trevor considered furthering his career into management and was able to do so with encouragement from his team and made the move to deputy manager in 2019. The knowledge that he got through training and diplomas gave him confidence to further his career in care.

Communicating with autistic people in an effective way is a great feeling and the hard work is so rewarding! If you share a passion for making a difference to others, support work could be for you.

What motivates Trevor?

We asked Trevor about what motivates him. He said: “What may seem like little steps for us such as brushing your teeth, can be a major development for some of the people we support and helping them get closer to that is what motivates me.”

Seeing personal progression such as this really does fill our staff with a real sense of reward. For compassionate people such a role is the perfect path for them.

Are you interested in a career in support work?

Trevor was keen to share some advice for those interested in a career in care: “Don’t be scared, be willing to learn and be willing to learn things that go against what you already know. No matter who you are, you can make a difference.”

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