Every member of staff, including those that don’t have a Voyage Care email account now have access to the Hive app.

Here’s how you can get on the app, if you’ve never had access to Hive before:

1. Downloading the app

When you are using your personal phone you need to download the app. The app you are looking for in the app store is called Interact.

2. Accessing Hive

Once you’ve downloaded the Interact app, it will ask you for url to Hive. This is hive.voyagecare.com/local-login

3. Username and password

Your username is your first name and last name and your full year of birth (no spaces)

e.g. JoeBloggs1994

Your password will be unique to you. You need to add your employee ID number (payroll number) to the end of the word Voyage (with a capital V)
Your employee ID number will be between 2-5 numbers.

e.g. Voyage00000

Tip! Your employee ID number is on your payslip

Click the image below to read the full guide:

Accessing the app if you have CellTrak phone:

The Hive app is already available on all Voyage Care company mobile phones.

It’s called Interact – you may have noticed it appear on your homescreen.

If you don’t have a company email account, you can log in using the same process as shown above.

If you’re having any trouble, please contact communications@voyagecare.com

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