Rebrand FAQs

We know that change can be a little bit scary and you may have lots of questions about what this means and how it will work. We’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help answer some of the questions you may have.

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Why are you rebranding?

We’ve decided to rebrand so we can be closely aligned to our parent company, Voyage Care. This gives us the opportunity to make the most of their expertise and industry-leading reputation to help guide the care and support we deliver.

Voyage Care have helped us to improve the way we operate for the last few years. A closer relationship with them will support us to make more improvements as well as offering many additional benefits to the families we support and those we work with!

Our name change will also help us to be found easier and quicker by more families of children and young people with complex care needs that need our help.

A fresh start alongside our parent company marks a new chapter. We can build on our previous successes and strive to deliver better complex care for all children and young people in the sector.

How did you make this rebrand decision?

The opinions and thoughts of those we work with and for, are truly important to us. Their ideas and point of view have played a significant role in shaping this rebrand decision.

We surveyed staff, families of the people we support and professionals that work with us in December 2020. This helped us to find out what we could do better and we gained information on perceptions of our existing brand.

This flagged up a few areas for improvement. This included a desire to be closer aligned with our parent company Voyage Care.

We spent two months researching, consulting and working on the new brand. We worked on making sure it worked for everyone involved and that service delivery and operations would remain intact.

We also consulted a sample of those originally surveyed to gain additional feedback and thoughts on a rebrand decision. We used their comments to finalise what the rebrand would look like and how it would be implemented.

What are the key changes?

While a lot of things will fundamentally stay the same, some of the key changes will include:

  • Our name will change
  • Our logo will change
  • Our colours will change slightly
  • Uniforms will be updated
  • Our email addresses will change
  • You should be able to find us easier online
  • You’ll see us on social media channels!

Will there be changes to packages of care?

No – care package will remain the same. We will continue to deliver the great quality care and support we always do. We will continue listening to you so we can discover ways to improve.

Will there be changes made to healthcare assistants, nurses or office staff?

No! Consistency is key so our fantastic healthcare assistants, nurses and office staff will remain in place, as well as your known contacts.

What should we call you?

Our name will change to Children’s Complex Care and we will be known as the specialist children’s team within our parent brand, Voyage Care. Our focus will be the same – supporting children and young people with complex care needs aged 0-25.

Why haven’t you used young people in the name?

A lot of the people we support are children aged 18 and below. This age bracket often falls under “Children’s services”.

This was also the most common term people used to describe the care we provide during the surveys we completed in December 2020.

This doesn’t mean we can’t support young adults and will continue to provide care and support to those aged up to 25.

Will the change be expensive and take resource away from service provision?

The rebrand is mostly aesthetic and will require little expense. The alignment is an investment in our future and will help us to offer more when it comes to service provision!

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