Finding the right property for you

We work closely with specialist housing providers who will support you with managing your tenancy. Together, we will help you choose a property that best suits your needs.

Once we’ve helped you find the right place to live, our in-house property development team are available to make any adaptations. For example, we can help with the fitting of vital equipment such as hoists and walk-in baths.

Choose the right supported living option for you

There are a range of ways we can support you in your search for your supported living home.

  • Option one: standard tenancy. We work with you and our specialist housing providers to find a property within our existing portfolio or in the general marketplace.
  • Option two: standard tenancy with adaptations. Our in-house property team undertake works to provide specialist equipment such as epilepsy sensors and environmental controls.
  • Option three: custom-built. We work with your Local Authority to build supported living schemes that meet the specific requirements of your community.

These are just some examples of how we can help. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements using the form below.

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