Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We understand you might have questions about our response to COVID-19 or want to know more about about our community support or moving into one of our homes. We have compiled a selection of FAQs to help to answer your questions, but if you need more help, please get in touch using the form below.

What measures have you got in place to keep the people you support safe?

We continue to closely follow all government guidance, including the latest infection prevention and control measures for care settings. We are being extra vigilant around people’s health needs and overall wellbeing whilst the restrictions are in place. We have extensive measures in place to limit transmission of the virus: all our staff are regularly tested for COVID-19, have undertaken infection prevention training and wear PPE as well as following social distancing measures.

Are staff and people we support being regularly tested?

Yes, all our care home residents and staff are being regularly tested in accordance with the governments testing programme and regular testing has recently been extended to include supported living services too.

Can transitions/ admissions still take place during the pandemic?

Yes, where this can be done in line with all government guidance. We have continued to admit people safely into our homes and supported living services, as well as facilitated care within the home support in recent months. Visit our news area to read about how we have supported people to make a smooth transition into their new home or care and support service.

Are visitors allowed in care homes/ services?

Facilitating visits where possible into care settings is essential for the wellbeing of the people we support but this can only be undertaken in line with guidance from the government and, in England and Scotland, the local Director of Public Health.  For more information, please visit our page on visiting arrangements during COVID-19. During the current national lockdowns, only essential indoor visits are permitted but window and garden visits may be possible in England and Scotland.

How can I keep in touch with my loved one if visitors aren’t allowed?

There are lot of ways our managers can support you to stay in touch, even when face to face visiting isn’t permitted. This might include regular video calling and phone calls as well as sharing email updates on your loved ones.  Wherever possible we allow visits – these may be window or garden visits where indoor visits aren’t permissible in line with government guidance.

How will you keep my loved one active whilst there are COVID-19 restrictions in place?

Whilst, like everyone in the UK, the people we support are unable to return to their normal activities and routines at this time, we have developed a risk-based approach which will enable people to enjoy the same freedoms as everybody else, within the constraints of current restrictions. Voyage Care are committed to keeping people happy and active, but above all as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Take a look at our stories to read about some of the amazing activities the people we support have been undertaking throughout the pandemic.

Will my loved one be able to go out into the wider community?

As an organisation, we promote community interaction and encourage people to live fulfilling lives, as independently as possible. This includes volunteer work, taking part in activities, employment and education; unfortunately, this is simply not possible in most circumstances with the restrictions that are in place. However, we do encourage people to go outside for walks and exercise as well as shopping wherever they can do this safely in line with the restrictions we are all following.

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