Education is vital to every child’s development, but nine-year-old Jodie, who has severe physical disabilities and a life limiting illness, was missing out on hers.

Jodie’s school were unable to provide an adequate escort to travel to and from school with her, via their school transport service. Her team at Focused Healthcare decided, with the support from her family, to take the case into their own hands! 

Clinical Nurse Educator, Paula Manders approached Jodie’s school transport service and it was decided that Paula would be trained by the transport service as a cascade trainer. Paula would then have the experience to train other members of Jodie’s support team. 

Paula has been able to train a further three team members at Focused Healthcare, who can now escort Jodie to school – this also covers annual leave and other absences. 

Thanks to the team, Jodie is getting to school safely and is enjoying her education. 

Michelle appreciates her loving staff

Michelle, a person we support in Portsmouth, is grateful for everything her support team do for her, so much so, she said: “I consider them as part of my family.”

Watch Michelle’s video to find out how they make a real difference to her life.   


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