This December, a number of colleagues at Group Support received a very special delivery – a “Festive Cheers!” 

Throughout the start of month, staff at Group Support secretly bought and wrote their colleagues a little festive note and posted it, ready to be delivered later in the month. This was a lovely opportunity to spread happiness, joy and say a little thank you to their peers.

On the day of delivery, the notes were secured to a candy cane, making it that little bit more special. The notes of cheer brought on laughter and even some tearful eyes!

All of our Festive Cheers donations, totalling £80.85, will be donated to our charity of the year – Headway, the brain injury association.

Here at Voyage Care, we aim to find unique ways to show our teams appreciation and spread some joy. Festive Cheers was a perfect way to do so and was a great way to end the year on a high.

Thank you from Andrew Cannon – Employee Appreciation Day 2018

Our teams across the UK took part in Employee Appreciation Day 2018. They sent each other notes of appreciation to thank one another for continuous support and team work. Coincidentally, the day timed with severe snowfall across the country, providing hazardous and arduous conditions. During this time, our local teams showed outstanding determination and commitment to ensuring the people we support and their colleagues had everything they needed.

Andrew Cannon, Voyage Care's CEO, takes a moment to recognise the continued efforts of all our teams.

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