Making a Christmas wreath is the perfect way to get everyone together for the festive period. Before you know it you will have all your neighbours knocking on your door wanting to know how to make one as magnificent as yours!

All you need is:
30cm floral foam ring (soak the ring before you start)
Fine and stiff florists’ wire
Variegated evergreens
Holly berries
Crab apples
Ornamental cabbage

Step 1:
Invite people to join you for a wreath making party! You can ask people to donate to Headway to take part!

Step 2:
Cut the plant material into short lengths. Aim for a range of leaf sizes and textures, from neat and spiky, to broad and floppy.

Top tip!:
Get an attractive mixed effect by varying the foliage and berries used each time you insert a new sprig, to avoid groupings of the same plant material.

Step 3: 
Insert the sprigs all around the foam oasis, making sure that no foam is showing.

Step 4:
Hang your beautiful festive wreath on your front door for everyone to see!

This beautiful wreath was made by the team at Edith Road!

Tom’s labour of love

The walls of Tom’s bedroom are decorated with beautiful, intricate needlework. The amazing artwork is the result of hours of work, all carried out by the creative and talented 29 year old. His grandmother Thelma said: “Tom’s autism means he is a very shy person – but he has talents and abilities which are quite extraordinary.”

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