Chris is one of our Quality Checker’s from Elmsmead and he has shared his top tips for staying well this winter!

Looking after yourself is something you should do all year round, but especially at winter. There are lots of bugs and germs about when the weather is cold. Here are my top tips for keeping well this winter.

  1. Even though it’s cold, keep doing regular exercise and stay fit.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed.
  3. Make sure you eat all your meals, especially your five a day fruit and veg.
  4. Keep busy and be positive, don’t get down if things go wrong and never give up!
  5. Always take any medication you are prescribed and need to take.
  6. Keep warm by wearing sensible clothes.
  7. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated even though it’s not hot.
  8. Talk to people about any problems you have.
  9. Have a bath or shower to keep clean and tidy – remember to always brush your teeth!
  10. Don’t forget to look out for others too!

Kelly’s inspired by our autism specialism

Kelly Barnard, service manager at Derwent Cottage in Scarborough, supports one autistic person with extremely complex needs, Paula. After implementing some of our new autism specifc procedures, Kelly and the team are extremely inspired after seeing an incredible improvement in Paula’s quality of life.

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