Are you a social care superhero?

Being a support worker means no two days are the same. One day you could be supporting someone with their cooking and cleaning, another you could be heading off to the local park for a game of football! There is no job more varied, and arguably none more rewarding.

Supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society to live a life of fulfilment can be life-changing.

Make a difference

Vivienne Ross, one of our support workers at a service in Kent, said: “Every day is different and every day you achieve something no matter how small this may be. That is what makes it so rewarding and gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life.”

Helping to build confidence and independence through personalised support plans will enable the people you support to achieve their goals (as well as bring a smile to both of your faces!).

The people you would support have a wide range of complex needs, such as: learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities and brain injuries as well as those with certain diseases like Huntington’s Disease or Prader-Willi syndrome.

We ensure our staff complete extensive training so they are well-equipped with the right knowledge and skills to support the specific needs of the people they are working with.

So, what are the qualities of a support worker?

The role can be challenging at times, patience and compassion are key. You will need to be dedicated, caring, and have the best interests of the people you support at heart. It isn’t a job for everyone, but it could be the career for you!

A good support worker is an everyday superhero, someone who…

  • Empowers the people they support to live the life they want to lead, respecting their choices
  • Listens well and is willing to engage and collaborate together
  • Is honest and trustworthy
  • Achieves outstanding outcomes, removing barriers to success

If you think you could be the next person to help change the lives of those most in need, get in touch today or browse our careers website!

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