Anthea takes time to appreciate her staff

Anthea, Service Manager for the CQC rated Outstanding Woodlands, shares how she and her team feel appreciated at work.

Voyage Care: Hello Anthea! What do you think is one of the most important things a staff team can do to achieve success?

Anthea: “The team here take time to reflect on their day. It might be just having a general chat or discussion about everyday things. I feel that is a really important activity to do.”

Voyage Care: How do you ensure new people in the team feel welcomed and excited about work?

Anthea: “My team are always open and strive for a positive working relationship. When new people join the team, they are nurtured and supported into the role. I feel it is paramount that I work positively with the team throughout this period, ensuring new staff feel welcomed.”

Voyage Care: Could you describe your role as service manager?

Anthea: “As the manager, I oversee everything that happens in the home. My role can be time consuming, but I know every little thing, like setting the table, is just as important as the next. 

I also work collaboratively with managers from other nearby services and they are always there for me, as I am for them. They’re a great source of support. We can share what is working well in our services, what might not be working and discuss solutions.”

Voyage Care: What does staff appreciation mean to you?

Anthea: “Staff appreciation is vital, and it’s more than just a thank you! It’s letting your staff know when they are doing well, and noticing when they’re empowered to develop their skill and use their initiative. For me as their manager, it’s about giving praise and having confidence to let them develop.

“It’s important to recognise when the team is working well together, and to discuss openly with each other when something might not be working. Our team focus on a constructive approach to learning and we’re always developing. I feel it’s important to know your team and to know how they work, so you can learn from each other.”

Voyage Care: How did you show your appreciation to the team after receiving the news from the CQC about your Outstanding rating?

Anthea: “The senior team worked really hard in supporting the overall Outstanding and as a gesture of appreciation, I booked the senior team on an overnight spa treat! All five of us had a wonderful time, and it rebooted the hard work that had been implemented.”

Voyage Care: We think it’s important for everyone, including managers, to feel appreciated at work, do you feel appreciated?

Anthea: “I always feel appreciated at work. All the staff are polite and lovely to be around. They all have the confidence to seek advice.

I love my job, and I enjoy all the challenges that may come with it. The fulfilment of the people we support at Woodlands makes every day a great day!”

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