Mila's story

Complex little girl with an acquired brain injury


Mila is now a three year old little girl that we have supported since June 2015. At two days old, Mila had a cardiac arrest and needed to be resuscitated by her Dad for an extended period of time. This resulted in a brain injury due to lack of oxygen which led to a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Mila has a gastrostomy and requires regular passive limb physiotherapy. Due to the on-going changes in her condition and her increasing body weight, Mila’s seizures are unpredictable and problematic which requires intense emergency rescue medication.

Challenges faced

Mila’s Mum admitted to feeling trapped and like a prisoner in her own home. She had to give up work and adapt to a completely different lifestyle than she was expecting due to the disability of her only child. Mila was Mum’s focus 100% of the time which created anxieties when Laura realised that she needed some support. She also wanted to maintain as much normality and choice for Mila as possible. Following discussions with the Paediatric Consultant, Laura began to research the benefits of a blended diet via Mila’s gastrostomy. This created its own issues around processes that Voyage Specialist Healthcare would need to adhere to. In relation to managing this new regime, this was the first time Voyage Specialist Healthcare had been asked to be involved with a blended diet. Overcoming Mum’s anxieties and building trust with her team.

How did we help

Following a review with us, consultant and parents, we eventually gained agreement regarding the process of feeding Mila which all parties approved. From there, we developed a policy and procedure to to support her blended diet. Laura also agreed to become a voice in this matter with other families if requested. We have worked very closely with Mum and Dad to ensure we involve them in all decisions regarding Mila’s support.


We have a regular team of seven staff who Mum and Dad are confident with. Mum has agreed to an increase Mila’s support hours from 15 – 50 per week. Mila also now attends school with us supporting her and Mum is also looking at a ketogenic diet over the coming months.

You can find more about our Nurse-led support offerings here. If you would like to speak to our friendly enquiry team call us on 0800 0353 776 or email

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