Zest - Autumn 2018

The theme of this issue is ‘community’so we are taking a look at what community means to different people and how important being part of a community is.

We are delighted to have Tim from Northfield House, Somerset as this issues guest editor! Tim has been involved in the editing process, helping to bring your amazing stories to life.
Tim makes his very own newsletter, with news about Northfield House. Everyone loves to read it! We are very excited to have Tim involved in this issue.

Have you got any exciting news you want to shout about? – all you need to do is send your story in to communications@voyagecare.com.

As usual, we have included an easy-read booklet with this issue’s highlights. Don’t forget to look out for quiz questions throughout the magazine that you can guess the answer to. Once you have guessed them all you can find the answers at the bottom of this page - good luck!

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and, as always, please do let us know what you think! Remember to take a look at the back cover and see how you can win an Amazon voucher!

Zest Autumn 2018 issue - Easy Read version