World Autism Awareness Week: homes and community support hub pledges

As part of World Autism Awareness Week, we asked our homes and community support hubs to pledge their support to raise awareness however they could.

Below are a few ways people chose to get involved.

Old Ford End

  • Sending staff members to the cinema with people we support for autism friendly session every Sunday.
  • Had an open discussion about Autism in team meeting.
  • Watch film/programme about autism and watch together


  • Local secondary school have agreed to help raise awareness by allowing pupils to wear a blue item.
  • Hosting coffee morning with Mayfair.
  • Hold open morning where discussions will be held around autism and information leaflet will be provided.
  • Staff will wear blue item and personalised autism awareness t-shirts.
  • Support residents to attend a lunchtime talk at Crawley library
  • Topics will cover the highs and lows of autism, how it affects friends and family of the autistic person and helping GP's with how to make their surgeries more autism-friendly.
  • Discuss information taken from the talk with residents to help embrace autism plan.

Worting Road

  • Arts and crafts activity day.
  • Baking day.
  • Wear blue for a day.

Cambridge DCA

  • Staff, managers and people we support will bring a food dish in.
  • Dress in fancy dress.

Burton Road

  • Bake cupcakes and decorate them for World Autism Awareness Week.
  • Autism themed arts and crafts.
  • Hosting a musical movie themed day for the PWS as they all enjoy their music with an oscars twist. People we support will be awarded with their own Oscars and will decorate the room like a movie theatre.
  • Make popcorn using a popcorn machine and candy floss. The staff are going to dress up as characters from the musical or their favourite musical. There will be oscar awards for staff also.
  • Creating a sensory patch in the garden with different smelling herbs and colours of flowers. This will be a project that all people we support can be involved in and will create a nice space when the summer comes for them to relax.

Hall Green Road

  • Blue day.
  • Face painting.
  • Eat blue food.
  • Blue banners and balloons.
  • Tea party.

Dudley Street

  • The residents and staff will be holding a blue wacky dress day.

Cecil Road

  • Charity walk.
  • Heath road doing a Bake sale.

Langley House

  • Make buntin with people we support.
  • Make cakes with blue icing.
  • Wearing printed t-shirts to promote autism awareness.
  • Making pizzas with toppings of their choice.

Blofield Corner

  • Made cupcakes.
  • Had a joint party on 27 March with Hoveton.
  • Management team created something from flowers.
  • Used the Toolbox Talk to share knowledge around autism.

Station Road

  • Staff attending a local autism forum session.
  • Joining in a sponsored walk to raise money for all autistic users at the group.

Barrington House

  • Staff prepared a buffet lunch and the people we support makde cakes
  • Made posters to hand out to the people from the community while dressed up in costumes. They visited all the local shops and handed out the autism information leaflets.
  • People we support spoke to the shop keepers and staff, giving them some information on Autism. Many people also put the posters up on their shop notice boards and windows helping to raise Autism awareness within the community.

Thank you to everyone who pledged to get involved!

You can keep up to date with news and events around World Autism Awareness Week by following us on social media channels by using #WorldAutismAwarenessWeek.

You can follow our action on our social media channels here:

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