Why did you become a support worker and why do you love working for Voyage Care?

The people we support are loved, not just by their family and friends, but also by our support teams who work with them every day. Being a support worker is a truly rewarding career, where you can change people's lives on a daily basis.

We spoke to two support staff, Usman Hussain, a senior support worker, and Hannah Jackson, a support worker, to get their honest views on working in the care sector.

Why did you become a support worker?

Usman: I wanted a new challenge. I really did make the right decision, I love my job.
Hannah: I have always wanted to work in care, and support those with learning disabilities.

Why do you love working for Voyage Care?

Usman: I enjoy working with the people we support to enable them to move on into the community and this is something Voyage Care does very well.
Hannah: The homes are really nice places to live and located in lovely locations.

What makes a great support worker?

Usman: Having the knowledge of the people we support and knowing what skills they have and what we can help them develop.
Hannah: You have to WANT to be a support worker.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a job in social care?

Usman: Read up about challenging behaviours and disabilities if you have never worked in this field before, just so you know what the job may entail.
Hannah: Go for it. It is very rewarding because you are always promoting peoples independence.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Usman: Working with the people we support and thriving off them. We all have a good laugh at the service and it is great fun working with the staff team and making the people we support happy.
Hannah: Working with the people we support and promoting people's independence. It’s so nice to know you are making a difference.

How do you know you are appreciated?

Usman: I get a lot of positive feedback from professionals and family members of those we support, along with my manager and colleagues.
Hannah: I have a good rapport with the people we support and I know I’m appreciated by them as they love being supported by me.