When a day of appreciation turns into a week!

Our teams enjoyed celebrating Employee Appreciation Day so much, it extended across the weekend and into the following week! The stories the teams shared were so inspiring. Andrew Cannon took a moment to recognise our teams' great achievements and dedication in the below video.

Here are some of the thanks we had sent in by mangers for their teams:

Thanks to all staff from Copylake, Ruishton, Pawlett and Taunton that have battled through the snow to support all of the people we support. Extra thanks to the staff that have stayed for days within the services to ensure that all of our individuals have been supported over the last few days.

Amanda, Field Support Supervisor for Somerset & Devon DCA

I appreciate them all for supporting each other and the people we support during this bad weather, they have covered shifts for each other, in relay and have managed through boiler issues, clearing the snow and have walked for hours to get into work to keep us running, much appreciation to all the team including agency staff who have helped us. Great work Tudor Rose!

Rebecca, Manager at Tudor Rose

Special shout out to my teams working in my Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. These wonderful and innovative people have done some truly remarkable things to ensure delivery of service continues for the people we support. This has included coming to work on tractors and low loaders, walking miles through deep snow and coming in with overnight bags. These are just a few examples of how the teams have worked together to keep the peole we support safe.

Urvi, Operations Manager

A big thank you to the Bramley Avenue team in Cambridgeshire for battling through the snow and turning up drenched in snow. Together we are a great team who care and love what we do. Thank you for rallying round and picking extra shifts this week to reduce the need to bring in agency staff!! Whoop! Whooop!

Here is to the Bramley family I'm indeed a lucky Manager, without you I'mnot sure where Bramley Avenue would be. Let's keep #winning!

Ellah, Manger at Bramley Avenue

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