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Autism support

Here you can read the latest news, blog posts and views from our staff, the people we support and their families at our services across the UK. If you would like to contact the press team, please call us on 01543 484506, or email

A mark of success

Well done to South Highnam, the latest home to receive our internal quality mark for autism. To achieve the internal quality mark, services are required to deliver meaningful activities using unique tools to meet individual support needs. They must also demonstrate the achievement of outcomes,... More >

Latest autism research and news

September 2018 Case studies Emma's bus trip - How the team at Southview have helped Emma face her challenges The complexities of catching a bus can be daunting for many neuro typical people but for someone with autism, limited capacity and at times overwhelming anxiety, it... More >

Autism– finding a way to communicate

Social situations can be challenging for people with autism. Autistic people can often appear to be self-absorbed and in a world of their own, unable to communicate and interact successfully with others. They may also have difficulties communicating non-verbally, such as making eye contact, use of facial... More >