Rocking our socks off for World Down's Syndrome Awareness Day 2018

It's World Down's Syndrome Day! To mark this occassion people throughout Voyage Care have been rocking their different socks. This topic is particularly close to our Quality Control Manager, Shelley Gray, which she wanted to share in her own words.

"Every day at work is a good day but today is a beautiful day! Today my colleagues and I joined in to raise awareness for World Down's Syndrome Awareness Day 2018. Team spirits were high and everyone was willing to join in by wearing bright or odd socks, long or short or even an extra sock to represent the extra chromosome.

I am moved by the support shown as the subject is very close to mine and my family's hearts. In just 15 days, I will give birth to my daughter Macey - Mae Gray (5/4/18), who is expected to have Down's Syndrome. I am about to embark on a unknown journey of being a mother to a child with Down's Syndrome, I know this is going to be very different to being professionally involved with a person. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Voyage Care for supporting me to stay strong, feel valued and for empowering me to look ahead to my bright future.

I also want to thank each and every one of the Quality Team whose support has been uplifting and invaluable. Because of you all, I feel safe and in good hands.

I am now ready to take on the world. Thanks Team Quality I will miss you but I will be back!"