Proud mum on how volunteering has helped her son

Adam lives in one of our homes in West Yorkshire and has been working as a volunteer at a Sue Ryder shop for more than two years.

We spoke to his mum, Wendy, to find out how his volunteering has made an impact on his life.

“I was absolutely amazed when Adam and Carol, [Service Manager at the home Adam lives in] told me he got the volunteering job.

Adam has always been so outgoing and he really loves meeting new people, so I thought this was wonderful news for him,” said Wendy.

From initially working one day a week, Adam now does three days – and Wendy has seen a real difference in Adam.

“Adam’s confidence has really grown since he started volunteering at Sue Ryder – it’s really boosted his confidence.

“I often feel that people with a disability seem to be viewed as second class citizens, so when you’ve got individuals like Adam who has both physical and learning disabilities in a workplace, they are just viewed as the same as everyone else,” she added.

Some of Adam’s daily tasks include organising clothes, pricing goods, serving customers, as well as checking CDs for scratches. Since Adam has been checking the CDs, they have had no returns or complaints.

“I’m so unbelievably proud of Adam – I always am. This job has really helped him,” said Wendy.

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