Positive Transitions

by Angie Hewitt

Hi, my name is Angie Hewitt and I am Voyage Care’s transitions lead for the South West. I started in this post a year ago and can honestly say I love my role! I have supported many teams to enable individuals to move and settle into their new supported living or registered residential homes, in a planned and co-ordinated way fitting their needs and wishes.

The key factor for a perfect transition is flexibility. We pride ourselves on getting things right, from the first ‘Hello’, throughout a person’s transition journey and onwards, supporting them to have fun while living their life with purpose.

Individuals, families or social workers send Voyage Care referrals and key information on people who would like us to help them find a new home, and a support package that meets their needs.

A positive relationship begins as soon as the person themselves meets with members of the Voyage Care team. We ensure the meeting is in a familiar and comfortable place for the individual and that they are supported by people who know them well. During the meeting an initial assessment is completed, which is very important as it helps us to learn about the person’s interests, important relationships, aspirations, health and care needs. The information gathered at this meeting helps Voyage Care and the individual to co-produce a package of support which is unique to them and fits their needs.

Following the initial assessment, the individual is invited to visit potential supported living or registered residential care homes. When they have chosen their perfect new home and funding has been agreed to ensure needs are met appropriately, a Transition Meeting is arranged.

Transition meetings are bespoke to the individual. The meeting focuses on what needs to happen before, on and following the move in date. Everyone involved, from family members to supporting professionals, is included and a structured move plan is made. The plan includes many actions according to the individual’s needs and current living set up. There may be visits to and from the new home to get better acquainted with the other residents and staff members. The transition may be planned over weeks or months; any specific staff training needs are identified and scheduled; specific equipment requirements identified and ordered; choices of paint shade, curtains, flooring for the new bedroom; furniture; finance arrangements; a moving date and transport plans for belongings.

Voyage Care staff teams are skilled at supporting people to feel welcomed, respected and safe in their environment, during the transition process and on a day to day basis. Using safe and sensitively written support guidance plans for each person supported, staff encourage and enable individuals to have fun, building a rewarding and purposeful life and understanding their changing needs, likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams.

Following the excitement of move in day, the person we support and Voyage Care invite family members and supporting professionals to a six week and a three month review meeting. These are opportunities to check how things are going, celebrate positive outcomes and identify solutions to any issues speedily. Following the initial three month transition period, review meetings are held on both a regular and an as needed basis.

Overall we aim to make transitions as smooth and personal as possible. We like to receive feedback so we can continue to improve the way we support people throughout the move in process.

Angie Hewitt, transitions lead for the South West