Introducing our Steps to Employment video

Did you know that approximately 2% of the population have a learning disability? 65% of these people would like to work. But only 6.7% of people with a learning disability are in paid employment.

At Voyage Care, we understand the importance of meaningful employment and education. That is why we have developed the Steps to Employment program, to assist people we support in securing meaningful employment and/or education.

There are a number of benefits to working. It helps an individual to feel part of the community. It helps an individual to meet new people. Having work keeps you busy. You can learn new skills. Your confidence can improve. Your independence can increase.

At Voyage Care, we understand that no two steps into employment or education are the same. That's why we will support the person to ensure they have the right amount of support to achieve their goals, whatever they might be. We will be with the person every step of the way, providing the support they need.

People that may be involved in providing support include the registered manager of the service, keyworker or nominated support worker, Voyage internal advisor, the JobCentre or an external employment service, such as Remploy.

To support people on their steps to employment, there is a Steps to Employment Guide and a My Steps to Employment Workbook. The Steps to Employment Guide can be used by both support staff and the person being supported by Voyage Care to help the individual find employment. The My Steps to Employment Workbook assists people we support to identify their hobbies and interests, skills and strengths, job skills history, support needed at work, experience and training.

An action plan is then developed to help the individual to achieve their goals. There is lots of additional information on the Steps to Employment webpage to help you with the process.