All-clear for cancer - thanks to our Derwent Cottage team

One of the people we support has been given the all-clear for bladder cancer – just in time for her 60th birthday – thanks to the keen eye and dedication of our team at Derwent Cottage.

The person has extremely complex needs and severe communication barriers. Staff at the home know and understand her very well and could tell that something was not right, despite the assurances of numerous health professionals.

The team persevered until finally a screening was carried out, which identified bladder cancer.

As a result the person we support underwent chemotherapy and surgery, which also meant a very positive and short hospital stay for her for the first time. Her team, including service manager Kelly Barnard, did not leave her side during her hospital stay and gave her all the care and love she needed and deserves.

She underwent further chemotherapy in December and a review to see how successful the operation was. Her team received the news that she was cancer-free just in time for Christmas and her 60th birthday.

Kelly said: “This has been extremely difficult for both the person herself and for my staff team, who care deeply for her and all people we support. The fight they had on their hands to be listened to was extremely hard but they prevailed!

“I’m so very proud of my team for their professionalism, determination and dedication to the person we support and for having the confidence to challenge those professionals who said nothing was wrong. They acted as the person’s voice and shouted as loud as they could for her.

“I’m truly blessed to work alongside such passionate and caring people. This is an exceptionally positive story of an outcome being achieved with such life-changing results because we take the time to listen, to truly know the people we support and because we care!”