Sam made small changes for big results

Sam had very limited independent living skills and relied heavily on support staff to maintain his home. Without the high level of support Sam was at risk of living in an unsafe home environment as he tended to have a lot of personal items. It was identified that Sam was unable to maintain his home in line with his tenancy agreement.

The staff at Voyage Care recognised that Sam was focused on routine and so they approached each task in small manageable steps. For example Sam would put his clothes into the washing machine, add powder, turn the dial and press start. Once his clothes were washed he hangs his clothes out to dry and the staff would support Sam by ironing his clothes whilst Sam would hang his clothes and put them away.

It was noted that Sam responded well by using a visual planner, where tasks were completed by using step by step instructions, verbal prompts and picture cards. By using Sam’s preferred method of learning the staff at Voyage Care was able to support him in making his own cups of tea – a process which took 3 months.

Each evening the staff would support Sam with the cleaning of his home. As Sam’s independence skills grew he was able to choose how he wanted his flat to be decorated and he purchased new cleaning materials. Sam donated some items to a local charity whilst keeping some personal ones, which were used to decorate his home. Eventually Sam was able to put his own bins out every Thursday without any support from staff.

From the on-going interaction from the support staff at Voyage Care, Sam is now able to maintain his own home in line with his tenancy agreement, and he does so in a safer environment. Sam enjoys spending time at home with his loved ones visiting him and through the help of the support staff at Voyage Care, Sam’s independence skills dramatically improved along with his confidence. This now means that Sam is living a much more enjoyable and self-fulfilling life.

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This person chose to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.