Oaklands make big improvements since the autism specialism

Sarah, service manager at Oaklands, has shared the major improvements they’ve made at the home since implementing the new autism specialism late last year. The staff at Oaklands have specifically seen positive developments in the lives of the people they support.


Sarah explained that one gentleman they support, Hendrick, dislikes crowed places, excess noise and will get very agitated and vocal if faced with this type of situation. Since they have commenced the new autism practices, the team have managed to support Hendrick to the local pub – something that would’ve been extremely unlikely in the past.

The team achieved this by focusing on Hendrick’s specific needs and working collaboratively with the pub. The team ensure they schedule a visit during quieter times of the day and call the pub in advance to reserve a table for him. They also order his food in advance so that everything is prepared for his arrival. Once the table is ready, the team at the pub call the Oaklands to let them know.

Although Hendrick will continue to get up and down, something which he has always done in public situations, he is able to settle down and return to his meal quickly after a walk around the lovely pub garden. The team are extremely pleased with the improvements Hendrick has made. Sarah said “him being able to integrate into the community is a massive achievement that we’re all very proud of.”


Kerry is also supported at Oaklands. He gets easily distracted and can often forget what he is to do next. The team, who have all undergone specific autism training to gain further knowledge of the condition, have worked together to implement changes that will benefit the people they support.

The team sat down with Kerry and worked with him to implement a “now and next” chart. This has been working extremely well as it provides prompts and reassurance. Kerry now prepares his own breakfast and simple meals, helps out with house chores and can now also carry out his own personal care needs with only slight encouragement from his support team. He’s improved so much over the past year that he now can independently go to the local library and go to the shops with a shopping list. One of the biggest achievements Kerry had made to date is getting a job as a quality checker – which he is extremely excited to start.

Sarah delightfully explained “All of this has taken the team a long time as we needed to take small steps and insure all information was clear and simple for him to understand. It has taken one year to accomplish these massive achievements and we couldn’t be prouder of him.”

*These people have chosen to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.