Nick's story

Nick, who lives at one of our homes in Southampton, was reaching a crisis point. He was getting drunk every weekend, refusing to take his medication and had been reported missing to the Police on one occasion.

He had made numerous nuisance phone calls to the Police and Ambulance, which had led to court involvement. Nick’s quality of life was also beginning to decline as he was refusing to take part in many of the activities he used to enjoy.

Following a multi-disciplinary meeting, our team took over some of the support hours which had been given to an outside agency and used them to support Nick in a different way. We worked with Nick, behaviour specialists, social services and his family to create a more positive and structured environment for him.

Although it is still early days, this new approach seems to be working. In the last month Nick hasn’t got drunk or made any nuisance phone calls and is taking his medication. He has taken part in all his usual activities and even joined in with new ones, like watching Southampton v Everton at St Mary’s Stadium.

Nick is also starting to make more positive life choices. On a recent unsupported day out, he had the choice to stay out, which would have given him the opportunity to go out drinking, but instead returned to the home and spent the evening helping our staff with the cleaning.

The change in Nick so far has been dramatic and our staff are delighted with the progress he is making.

Olly, the service manager, says "With the changes that have been made, it has given Nick a happier, more fulfilling life. His relationship with staff and family have improved, enabling better support and for Nick to do the things he enjoys the most like regularly watching Southampton FC."